Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board members are individuals who have shown an interest in the work of Highland Community Initiative and our funded history project, Highland Heritage Project, and/or have an area of expertise that will enhance our work in gathering Highland history and documenting the changes to our community. We recognize and thank them for their support, time and good counsel.

Judge Afeworki Ghiorghis Haregot: The retired supreme court judge from Eritrea has lived in the Highland area for nearly 30 years. As an active community member, he is a mentor for the younger generation of Eritreans, a supporter of Eritrea locally and internationally, and interested in local issues.

Merritt Clapp-Smith: In her role as head of the City’s Planning Office for the Ford Site Redevelopment project, Merritt took an interest in and supported Highland Community Initiative, the emerging grassroots community organization that aimed to educate, inform and build a community around the redevelopment. Her keen sense of dynamics, possibilities and her vision continue to inspire and guide.

Kathy Carruth: As part of the Highland District Council, Kathy has been solidly supportive of Highland Community Initiative and now the history project.

Peter Meyers: Videographer, documentarian, and filmmaker, Peter has created videos related to Highland and the former Ford plant.

Jay Pfaender: Jay is a noted history author who writes for the Ramsey County Historical Magazine.

Dale Mischke: Publisher of the Highland Villager, Dale is a source for much local history. His participation in this project also promises to connect with the community via the newspaper. 

Anne Klejment:  A long-time area resident, Anne is emerita professor of history at the University of St. Thomas.  

Donald Empson: Local historian and author of The Street Where You Live, his presence on the board benefits the project as a valuable resource.

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