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The Highland Heritage Project was inaugurated in 2017 to unite the community around a project to research, recognize and preserve our history, document ongoing changes, and to introduce new neighbors to Highland.

We immediately began interviewing people and planning the scope of historical research and preservation. Actions taken included presenting HHP to Highland District Council, gathering stories at the HCI-HHP Highland Fest booth, and holding organizational meetings.

We also formed a partnership with Friends of Highland Arts (FoHA) for the pool house history and rescue effort.

Since 2017 we have been conducting video and voice interviews and carrying out research. HHP through FoHA applied for and received a Minnesota Historical Society legacy grant for research. And now we are starting work on this exciting and enriching project!

How can you help? Here’s how to volunteer.

Do you know someone who should be interviewed? They don’t have to live in Highland currently but should have played a part or have stories to share.

Have history? Memorabilia? Those photos you don’t know who will want? Contact us at hhp@highlandheritageproject.org.

Want to be part of this project? This is a community effort. There are many ways—big and small—to get involved such as interviewing residents and business owners, researching home development, doing outreach and publicity, and assisting with social


Contact: Jackie Mosio (651-698-6529) or email us at:


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