Highland Heritage Project’s Goals

  • Draw community members into the process of researching, documenting, and contributing to history.

  • Attract people to work with HHP to build an organization that continues to valuable historical work into the future.

  • Conduct interviews (audio/video) with people to learn and record their stories and contributions.

  • Document architecture, houses, and other structures in Highland.

  • Record the stories of Highland groups, organizations, businesses, and commerce.

  • Explore social and economic facets of the Highland community.

  • Research and document Highland’s impact on the region.

  • Work with religious and educational institutions to safeguard and share their histories.

  • Reach out to area educational institutions (grade, middle, high schools, and universities) to involve teachers and students in the interviewing and research process.

  • Create an ongoing historical society to continue gathering history and documenting changes in Highland.

  • Work toward the eventual goal of establishing an interactive center located in Highland to showcase and gather history.

  • Provide a future history center that informs the new residents about the culture and character of Highland in a lively and meaningful way.

  • Produce a written record or book of value to Highland and the larger community.

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